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Optimum acoustic design for classical music and pipe organ lend elegance to conference functions

Concert Hall

The Concert Hall was designed to provide an outstanding environment for both concerts and conventions. Simultaneous interpreting facilities fot up to four languages and a 370-inch large-scale projection screen are just two of the many features that make this hall a favorite convention site. The seats offer the same generous proportions as those of the Main Hall, with side tables for note-taking installed on first-floor seats. Acoustically, the hall is designed with a reverberation time of 2.1 seconds to enhance performances of classical music. A 64-stop pipe organ made in France dominates the stage, while ceiling chandeliers add to an atmosphere of tasteful elegance.

Concert Hall Information

Toilet for physically challenged
Lavatory for physically challenged
Coin-operated locker
Coin-operated locker
Lavatory for physically challenged:Large toilets for physically challenged
Vending machine:Please do not drink or eat inside the musical seminar room.
Coin-operated locker : Able to use with 100yen coin.
AED:Automated External Defibrillator
Smoking Area:Smoking are availible only at the smoking area.
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